Why Hire when you can buy second hand?

Why Hire?

You’re thinking it aren’t you? Why hire a product when you can buy second hand?

Sure, second hand means you buy a used product, and you get to keep it. You can then on-sell once your bubba out grows it. Win win right? Well maybe not…..

There is certain amount of risk involved with purchasing second hand products. I mean, do you know and trust the person selling you the goods? Do you know the history of the product? Are you given the opportunity to inspect the product fully prior to making the purchase? In my experience, the answer is no, no and NO! How many times have you seen those posts on the buy/sell pages? You know the ones “make sure you check products before you buy them, I just bought xxx and when I got it home it didn’t work” (or the other type where they name and shame people). Now I’m not trying to say every one selling used products are dodgy, but I am saying that we all have differing standards and minimum requirements when it comes to our babies. My idea of ‘like new’ and yours could be very different.HFB_0008_twin-strollers-group

Unfortunately this is something we see a lot, last minute customers who have just wasted time and money on false promises. Or eBay products which don’t meet the Australian Standards and whoops! – no warranty either. It leaves parent stressed and out of pocket.

Why hire you ask? It’s simple:

You won’t waste months scouring buy/sell pages waiting for the product you’re after to be offered for sale.Maxi-Cosi MICO AP INFANT CARRIER22

You get top quality products which are checked over and meticulously cleaned after every use (not just getting it ready for sale) Not only do we insist on it, but so does out insurance company. That’s right, we are fully insured.

We provide top notch customer service. If you’re not happy (which doesn’t happen, EVER) you have a means of voicing your concerns and having them dealt with. We can’t just block your Facebook profile and pretend we never met!!Medela-Breast-Pump

You get all the benefit of buying new, without the price tag. If the product is faulty we’ll replace it, no problems.

Free installation is included with the hire of all our child car restraints, so you know it’s done right. We will even show you how to do it too.

But most of all you’re getting peace of mind, because all of these statements aren’t empty promises, it’s the foundations our business is built on. It’s the reason there are over 70 Hire for Baby branches Australia wide all operating by the same values. Being a parent is hard work, and we pride ourselves on trying to make it easier for you.

So if you want to take the hassle out of getting ready for you most precious arrival, give us a call ☺ 1300 363 755 or find your closest branch here


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