Second Hand Restraints – Do Not Purchase Advice from Kidsafe Victoria

You’re thinking it aren’t you? Why hire a capsule or a child restraint when you can buy second hand? Sure, second hand means you buy a used product, and you get to keep it. You can then on-sell once your child outgrows it. Win win right? Well maybe not…..

There is certain amount of risk involved with purchasing second hand products! Ask yourself:

  • Do you know and trust the person selling you the goods?
  • Do you know the history of the product?
  • Are you given the opportunity to properly inspect the product, prior to making the purchase?

In my experience, the answer is no, no and NO! How many times have you seen those comments on the buy/sell pages? You know the ones “make sure you check products before you buy them, I just bought xxx and when I got it home it didn’t work” (or the other ones where they name and shame people).

Now I’m not trying to say everyone selling used products is dodgy, but I am saying that we all have different standards and minimum requirements when it comes to our babies. My idea of ‘like new’ and yours could be very different!

Unfortunately, at Hire for Baby this is something we see a lot. We are frequently solving problems for customers who made a hasty decision, tried to save money and didn’t know what check, and which questions to ask. They bought a ‘bargain’ and found it didn’t fit in their car, didn’t work as promised and can’t take it back – as the ‘seller’ is not answering their mobile phone.The buyers are pretty disappointed as they can’t get their money back. Those people who bought cheap booster seats on ebay, which don’t meet the Australian Standards and don’t have any warranty from an Australian manufacturer either. It has left many parents upset and out of pocket.

We see lots of infant carriers on the second hand market, usually because the child is only in this product for a short period of time,  it’s easier and cheaper to hire capsule/infant carrier that comes cleaned, fully insured, installed, and with all parts included for your car.


If you are considering using a second hand restraint there are a few things to consider, including:

  • Does the restraint meet the AS/NZS 1754? This information can be found on the restraint.
  • Are you aware of the history of the restraint? Restraints that have been involved in a serious crash should not be used.
  • Does the restraint come with all parts, including the instruction booklet?
  • Is the restraint less than 10 years old? Child restraints over 10 years old should not be used – you can find the date of manufacture printed on the restraint.
  • Is the restraint in good condition with no splits, cracks or stress marks on the restraint shell and no frayed, worn or damaged straps?


Quoted from Britax Installation Manual



In most cases, it’s easier and cheaper to hire something that comes cleaned, fully insured, installed, and with all parts included for YOUR car. You won’t waste months scouring buy/sell pages waiting for the product you’re after to be offered for sale.  Most families find using an infant carrier suitable from newborn to 6 months. After that they tend to get heavy to carry around and the child should transition to a rear facing child restraint

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We provide top notch customer service. If you’re not happy, you have a means of voicing your concerns and having them dealt with in a professional manner (we have a 97% customer satisfaction score on Trustpilot). We would never just block your Facebook profile and pretend we never met!!

Hire for Baby offers you all the benefits of buying new, without the price tag. If the product is faulty, we’ll replace it, no problems. Free installation is included with the hire of all our child restraints, so you know it’s done right for you. We will even show you how to maintain, and perform the necessary adjustments, too.

But most of all you’re getting peace of mind, because all of these statements aren’t empty promises, it’s the foundations our business is built on. It’s the reason there are over 75 Hire for Baby branches, Australia wide, all operating by the same values.

So if you want to take the hassle out of getting ready for your most precious arrival, give us a call ☺ 1300 363 755 or find your closest branch here.

Our recommendation – Buy new or in the case of infant carriers – Hire it!

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Words by Hire for Baby

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