Hire for Baby Restraint Fitting Services for Dealerships

Did you know Hire for Baby, and Baby Restraint Fitters, can help with your customer experience?

We can provide a child restraint fitting service to your customers who have recently purchased a car and need their child restraints fitted. This service can be onsite, or simply by referral.

We believe the benefits to you include:

  • Providing convenience to your customers who have purchased a car from you, to have their child restraints fitted professionally onsite, prior to, or when they pick up their new car.
  • Increasing the customer experience of their new car purchase.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to child safety by having a qualified fitter onsite to ensure that their restraints have been fitted correctly.

Our onsite installation service fee is $35, which includes an installation certificate/invoice. This service can be arranged in two ways. It can be a value-added service supplied to your premium customers (i.e. we invoice you for the service). Optionally, you can inform them at the time of purchase that this service is available, and the customer can simply arrange and prepay for this service themselves.

Additionally, we also can provide the following services for your staff:

  • Demonstrate and inform your staff about the laws pertaining to child restraints.
  • Hands on experience on how to fit child restraints (for your technicians).
  • Review your fleet and provide some handy sales advice, when it comes to children.
  • Increasing your customer’s satisfaction of their new car sales experience (helping you receive future referrals).

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