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Love too…
Gina Kirkland – Franchisee Murrumba Downs

My Twin Journey, Carter and Kaylea were born early at 31 week, delivered natural, statistically twin are born between 34-36 weeks. Their early arrival meant a long stay in the special care nursery 9 weeks for my guys, which meant I was in the market for an electric hospital grade breast pump for home as my days were spend in the hospital with my babies.

Like any parents I googled breast pump hire, this lead to me to the local Hire for Baby branch assisting me with a commercial breast pump Medela symphony which was the same as the hospital ones excellent pump was a live saver, when I’d get a midnight phone call to saying the hospital had run out of breast milk did I wont to run some down???
Upon visiting the hire for baby branch we realised we could save a lot of money by using this service as you soon learnt both babies liked different things to sooth and sleep in, then also hired 2 capsules for the babies in the car. Up until the babies were born I guess we never really had an understanding on how life was going to be with twins and equipment what do or don’t we do/need. They is NO way I would have managed with reverse face car seats as I haven’t hold you get I have a 15 year old boy and 14 year old girl, which I drive to school every morning and collect at 3pm, so adding that to my day with the twins meant a lot of in and out of the car, Life was streamlined with capsules eg. I would feed the twins at say 6;30am then put then to sleep in the capsule, when the big kids ready for school, we just lifted the twins into the car (they stayed asleep) then repeated at 2;30 in the afternoon.

When we’d been home for a month we had one very unsettled little person, material health centre lady suggested an electric infant swing , $259.00 you have to be kidding don’t even know if my babies will like it !!!! oh maybe the hire for baby lady can help us? Sure can , again saving us money Kaylea loved the swing and we hired for 6 months and saved 1/3 of the money by hiring not buying.

12 months goes buy and the same hire for baby lady whom had been so helpful, called to say she was selling the business did I know anyone who would be interested, that person was me, was very happy to pass on my experiences also provide a great service to families and their child or grandparents and there grandchildren. So that same time of buying into the business I was asked to speak at the expectant parents night at my local Multiple birth association , this specking lead to permanent position on the panel of educators of expectant twin families held in Brisbane very second month. Its free to attend and the most valuable experience any twin family can give them self as is practical advice from mum who have left foot prints for others .

We share with expectant twin families, the ups and downs of being a twin parent, routine advise, dealing with premmie babies, and more importantly advise of ways to be savvy and spend their money in the best way possible , which is where hire for baby comes in.
Most popular hire item with twin families…
The Maxi cosi Mico capsules as they function with the city select pram
The Safe n sound UNITY capsule as it functions with the Mountain buggy duet (these two prams are the most popular with twin families currently)
Baby love snap n go as a capsule slim fitting into cars, also light weight to carry.

Medella symphony breast pump is a most hire with premmie babies as they will be in hospital for a time and you at home so this is a most have, other breast pumps simply just cant cope with the 3 hourly use.

Electric infant swings are piece of mind and a must have when dad returns to work I really felt this provided me with an extra pair of hands when at home alone during the day.

A Glider feeding chair was a real luxury for the mums as a gift from parents or husband just a really comfortable place to bond and feed babies once home , these chairs are valued at $399 so hire of $150. For 6 months just give you luxury at an affordable price.

Those families with two story homes, buy on set of change table bath on stand and cot, then hire a second set for down stair, so two of everything is not always required babies can sleep in the same cot of at least 6 month, always check the safe sleeping guide from SIDS.

Also my twin families hire the baby ergo front packs, for hiking , overseas travel and just shopping, with your hands free, dads love to carry one of the babies, again it’s a short term use product and great item to hire.

I gain a great sense of pride being in a position to guide other twins families though a very exciting period of their life, being a twin mum, owning a business which complements this volunteer role I hold with the multiple birth ass. Paying it forward !

Contribution by Gina Kirkland
Hire for Baby Murrumba Downs

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