Hotel owners baby equipment and your business mobile

Do you shudder when you receive a booking and the client asks for Baby Equipment to be provided?

Would it cost you that booking if you couldn’t provide clean, modern and up-to-date equipment at a pricing level consistent with your competitors?

This seems to be a dilemma that faces more and more accommodation businesses, especially given that the consumers of this type of equipment are much more sophisticated and demanding, than ever before.

Business impactful questions raised
  • How does providing baby equipment affect your insurance risk?
  • Does the equipment comply with Australian Standards?
  • Are you able to supply the actual baby equipment requested, especially during peak times?
  • What is your policy on equipment that is damaged and how do you manage the repairs?
  • Is your pricing for the baby equipment sufficient to cover your costs, and is it consistent with your competitors?
  • Is the provision of in-house baby equipment cost neutral/profitable, and is it tax effective?
  • What is the cost to you of storing, sanitising, servicing and maintaining the baby equipment properly between hires?

Alleviate your worry and hassle
Outsource Now!

Hire for Baby has over 75 locations across Australia and can offer you solutions including online ordering, standard pricing and the comfort that you are dealing with a mobile group of professionals.

Our Service Promises

  • Treat you and your clients requests as a priority
  • Provide a maximum timeframe for delivery of the requested equipment (usually 48 hours)
  • Have an agreed process for managing your account
  • Have a predetermined minimum standard range of stock available
  • Ensure that the equipment is of the highest quality, well-maintained and clean
  • Guarantee the equipment complies with Australian Standards
  • Provide a convenient pick-up and delivery service to your door

The choice of Hire for Baby as your service provider is comprehensive. For more information contact us here or call 1300 363 755 to understand how we can help you further with our service.

Other partnership programs available
  • Create an affiliate account with us, so we can pay you an 8% commission on all client bookings we receive from your website – find out more
  • Access our newsletter as a point of interest to visit
  • Create a specific ordering portal where your clients receive a discount by mentioning your location
  • Simply sign up email newsletter for monthly offers