Please note: The pump requires the specific breast pump attachments in order to use this breast pump. This kit is available for sale not for hire and does not need to be returned at the end of the hire.


The Medela Symphony is a durable hospital-grade breast pump that uses unique 2 Phase Expression to simulate baby’s suckling for more effective pumping. With high power and performance, it is ideal for frequent long term and daily use. Quiet with overflow protection, it features the new and improved Program Card 2.0 TM. Lightweight at under 3kg and comes with portable hard carry case. Suitable for single or double pumping.

Pump Kit: A Medela Symphony Breast Pump Double Kit is required to be purchased when hiring this pump. Please add one to your shopping cart.

Special Note: You may be eligible for a rebate for breast pump hire through your private health cover dependent upon your fund. Contact your private health cover directly to enquire.
$200 bond applies with all orders.

Please refer to the Terms and conditions of the Breast pump Hire in addition to the current terms and conditions of hiring.

Medela Breast Pump Hire Terms & Conditions

This schedule applies in relation to Equipment that is a Medela breast pump.

Important safety information – using breast pumps safely

  • You must follow the following requirements when using the Medela breast pump:
    • Clean all reusable parts that come in contact with the breast and breast milk prior to first use.
    • Clean parts that come in contact with the breast and breast milk immediately after use.
    • The pump sets are personal care items intended for use by a single user only.
    • Do not continue pumping for more than two consecutive pumping sessions if no results are achieved.
    • If problems or pain occur, consult a lactation specialist or your medical practitioner.
    • Never use the pump during pregnancy, unless prescribed/advised by a physician, as pumping can induce labour.
    • For mothers who are infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): pumping breast milk will not reduce or remove the risk of transmitting the virus to the baby through breast milk.
    • Never use a device, components or parts that are damaged.
    • Never use a device, components or parts if dirt, mould or other contamination is visible.
    • Replace mouldy, damaged or worn parts.
    • There are no user-serviceable parts inside the Medela Symphony pump unit. Repairs must be performed only by an authorised service agency. Do not repair the parts yourself!
    • No modifications to the device are permitted.
    • Use the Medela Symphony breast pump only for its intended use as described in the manual.
    • Use only original Medela accessories.Do not use attachments not recommended by Medela, as this may cause hazards.
    • Do not modify any parts of the pump or the pump set.
    • Do not use the Medela Symphony breast pump while sleeping or overly drowsy.
    • Do not use the Medela Symphony breast pump while operating a motor vehicle.
    • Do not drive while using hands-free pumping.
    • Never drop or insert any object into any opening or tubing.
    • Do not use the pump outdoors.
    • Supervision is necessary when the Medela Symphony breast pump is used in the vicinity of children.
    • Radio frequency communications equipment such as wireless home network devices, mobile phones, cordless telephones and their base stations as well as walkie-talkies can affect the Medela Symphony breast pump.
    • Due to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), a distance of at least one meter between the Medela Symphony breast pump and the wireless equipment is recommended.

Fees and charges – Important information

  • Bond $200 applies and will be refunded once pump has been returned and inspected
  • Pumps can be extended on request – by emailing or calling the local branch which the pump was originally hired before the hire expires.
  • If no contact has been made to the branch about the hire – the contract will be automatically extended for the same original period
  • Refunds do not apply to hire contracts and are not pro rata
  • Accessories and damage charges
    • Symphony Bottle stand damaged/missing – $20
    • Symphony Power cord damaged/missing – $50
    • Symphony Shoulder strap damaged/missing – $20
    • Symphony Program card damaged/missing – $250
    • Symphony Case damaged/missing – $250
    • Symphony card holder missing – $100

Additional information

Hire Period

1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months