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Have you already fitted your own car seat and now are not sure if it’s done correctly?

We love that families take ownership of this process, but reading instruction manuals sometimes does not give you confidence that it’s done right!

We can do a visual inspection to understand the important parts of the installation – Belt Path, Top Tether, Harness Threading, installation tension etc

All our Car Seat fitters are trained and can help you understand if you have installed your child restraint or booster seat properly.

If a child restraint is not fitted properly, then it may not help to protect your child in a crash. if not correct we are more than happy to fix the problem for an additional fee of $8 (Same cost as a installation)

Restraint fitting stations are available throughout Australia. Our trained installers can fit your restraint, check that it is installed correctly to your vehicle if you need one.

Make sure you get the restraint fitter to show you how to fit the child restraint. This will help you if you need to move the child restraint to another vehicle.

Price includes gate clip if required, any additional parts i.e extensions straps etc are extra.

Other Info
  • Small fee applies for additional parts.
  • Supply (additional cost) and install accessories such as extension straps (for hatchbacks and some station wagons).
  • We will not put a child in a forward-facing car seat until they are at least 12 months and have reached the first forward-facing height marker of their seat (this is to be measured without any inserts in the car seat). *It is recommended to bring the child with you when turning around.
  • We will not install seats that are over 10 years old and do not meet Australian standards.

    Car Seat Check Booking
    ($36 per child restraint)


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