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1 month, 3 months, 6 months, The Travel System offers you the flexibility to move your child in an Infant Carrier from a secured Car Seat Base to Stroller and back again with ease. The Safe N Sound Strider Infant Carrier is compatible with a large range of prams.  Why Hire? Hiring is cost effective! Capsules can be expensive to buy and have a limited usage. Hiring capsules makes sense as most babies tend to outgrow capsules within the 6 month period. Our Promise! The product you have hired is fully insured. If your child outgrows the capsule, this can be swapped over for a rear facing child restraint at no cost. FREE child restraint positioning movement at 3 months. FREE Installation included. Capsules/Infant carriers, Keeping baby asleep whilst out and about (babies should not be kept in carriers for more than 3 hours continuous). Still considered safest option for newborns. With a toddler in hand gives you the ability to do seamless tasks – great for school/kinder drop offs. This capsule comes with an additional second base available for hire. Pram Compatibility, Strider (DLX, PLUS 3, PLUS 4 & Compact) Valco (Matrix, Rebel Q,  Trimode & Trimode duo) Eclipse (Terrain Three Wheel & Eclipse Layback)