Reduce The Stress of Road Tripping with your Baby

Whether you are driving your own car, or hiring one, here are some tips to help reduce the stress of road tripping with a baby!

  • Timing is everything: Time the drive around their sleep. Try to ensure you have a sleeping child, rather than a cranky one. If you’re in the passenger’s seat, you’ll get a nice stretch when you need to manoeuvre your body to deal with your backseat passenger’s needs.
  • Playlist: Choose your playlist beforehand. If you don’t have one play the Wiggles (at least until they fall asleep). There are plenty of baby lullaby or sleep music racks in itunes.
  • Pack an old favourite toy, as well as a new toy: They will love the comfort of their favourite toy but the new toy also keeps them entertained as you get to your final destination. Hot tip: Use chain links and hook the toy (safely) so you don’t spend most of the trip spinning around, pulling toys out of the car seat or footwell below.
  • Food and drinks: Depending on the age of your baby and where they’re at with feeding stages, either pack a non-spill sippy cup with water (or drink bottle) and not-so-messy snacks. Consider sultanas, grapes, sandwiches, corn thins or rice cakes. Ok your car is going to get dirty but it’s worth it!
  • Hire car blues: Don’t stress. Just hire your baby seats (child restraints), prams and even portacots from Hire for Baby. They make it easy and install everything in your hire car beforehand.
  • Timing: Avoid long road trips (greater than 2 hours) if your baby has colic or is not well – it’s going to be painful for everyone. Also, consider time for stops.
  • Playgrounds in Google My Maps: If your little one is slippery slide-ready, use Google Maps as you go on your journey to find good playgrounds nearby to break up the long drive. They show up with yellow pins on an iphone. Yes, this is a search option and it’s awesome to read the playground descriptions!

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We can deliver baby equipment to your destination and have everything ready and waiting for you! If you are hiring a car, book your child restraint early.

We can deliver and install the seat directly into your hire car.  Our professional fitters install high quality, clean child restraints that meet Australian standards.