Migrating To Australia With Children

What can I bring in terms of baby equipment?

Most items can be used in Australia, your stroller/ pram, cot, play equipment, whilst we have Australian Standards here in Australia, there is no restriction on their use. Your options for these items, is simply ship them over here or if you decide to sell off your bulky items and save on transportation costs, you will find most of the European and American brands are here in Australia!

If you are waiting for your shipment to arrive, we can help make things easier. You can hire your bulky items with us at Hire for Baby, whilst you wait on your stuff to arrive.

Child Restraints Are Tricky!

The tricky items are car child restraints! By law you must use only Australian Standard product for any child restraints, which basically means that legally you can not use your overseas car child restraints here. The other consideration is that they simply don’t fit here, we have a different configuration of seat belt and Isofix.

The laws in Australia are very simple: 0-6 months rear facing, 6 months to 4 years, rear or forward facing, and 4-7 years forward facing child restraint, or booster (your child must meet the height requirements to transition to the next stage of child restraint).

The practice is very different, most parents here are keeping their children rear facing as long as possible, and for older children keeping them in a harnessed child restraint for as long as possible. Manufacturers are now making more extended rear facing models, as well as restraints for taller children.

We have recently produced several blog posts that explain this:
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Our suggestion is to contact Hire for Baby and discuss your own situation, so we can work out the best solution. If you are hiring a car on your arrival we can assist. You will find the longer your hire period, the cheaper it gets per week. So if you need child restraints to initially Hire, then to Buy, we can help. We also provide a complimentary fitting of any child restraints you buy from us.

If you purchase your child restraint in Australia independently, call us to help you fit and explain the correct use of this piece of equipment.


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