Hassle Free.. We’ll do the rest!

When you are on holidays with babies and young ones, having the correct items makes it a breeze, instead of having a difficult, tiring day.

Save the hassle and hire your equipment from us, before you leave home.

Baby Equipment Hire makes sense because:

  • You may be changed airline surcharge for carrying excess baby equipment
  • Your baby equipment may be damaged in transit (by the carrier),
  • You can pack more of your own luggage (if you hire baby equipment at your final destination).
  • Waiting to see whether your baby equipment arrives undamaged is no fun. Let’s face it!
  • You may have to pay for two taxis, or a larger one to fit in all your baggage. That costs you.
  • You may have to replace your baby items upon arrival (or when you get home) as any damage to them may not be covered by the airline.
  • You have to lug your bags and baby items from home to the airport, to your hotel or accommodation, back to the airport, and then again at your local airport  – All this while dealing with tired children, while following the departure and arrival procedures.
  • The items made available through your hotel or accommodation may not be up to the current safety standards, old, dirty, or equivalent to the standards you expect.

If you are arriving at the airport, with tired kids, we can install child restraints in your hire car, allowing you to make a quick getaway!

We even provide a split delivery service, so you can have a child restraint ready and waiting in your hire car & all other baby hire items at your accommodation.

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