Is the equipment sanitized?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer.

We have strict quality control on the age and condition of our equipment. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Is the equipment new?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer.

Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Hire for Baby is proud to say that we do hold public liability insurance for the hire of baby equipment and the installation of child car restraints.

Due to the nature of our business, i.e. hiring baby equipment/installing car restraints, it is very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain liability coverage.

However, due to the fact that we are the largest baby equipment hire service in the country, we were able to obtain this coverage.
You should ask about this before hiring from any baby equipment company; most policies do not cover the hire of baby equipment.

Will you install car seats?

The majority of our branches are able to offer free installation of hired child car restraints at Hire for Baby premises.

Our managers are trained to provide the safest & most appropriate child restraint & installation as we believe that your child’s safety is of paramount importance.

We also provide anchor fittings and/or extension straps as required – all at no extra cost.

We also fit your own child restraints and assist in solving problems/issues relating to positioning of children relative to age and types of restraints on the market.

What is the law regarding child restraints?

Recent law changes across a majority of states require that children under 6 months must be rear facing, children from 6 months to 4 years must be in either a rear facing or forward facing child restraint that has an inbuilt harness, children over 4 and under 7 must in an approved restraint.

Child restraints must be suitable for the child’s size and weight and properly fitted and adjusted.

To find out more about specific state requirements we ask that you visit the state rta website for further information.

All franchises are trained to understand the new laws and how they apply to you.

Can we use child restraints from overseas?

By law, every child restraint sold in Australia must meet strict requirements, which are set out in Australian Standard AS/NZ1754. This covers materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling of child restraints.

All restraints must carry the Australian Standard AS/NZ1754 sticker. Most overseas child restraints, including restraints from countries such as the UK and USA, do not comply with these Standards and cannot legally be used in Australia.

How does hiring work?

  • Online orders are only valid for 72 hours.
  • Orders are not secured until payment has been received.
  • Makes and models will be confirmed with payment.
  • If delivery and pick up fee apply these will be added to the orders.

These Frequently Asked Questions are based on questions relating to the hire and have been designed to clarify components of the contractual obligations of the Terms and Conditions of the contract that the customer agrees to adhere too.  This includes all email confirmation rules and directions.  

All Bookings must be pre-paid before pick up or delivery

  • All equipment and installations must be paid (with bookings) to secure your equipment.
  • Branches cannot reserve this equipment unless the booking has been accepted.
  • Once you have booked and paid, you will receive a confirmation email to verify equipment and appointment details.

Price Structure

  • Rental is based on set pricing of 1-2 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 Month, 3 months and 6 months – prices are calculated as per our website rental prices.
  • Pro-rata pricing does not apply.

Cancellations: must be by written notice as follows

  • Cancellation 72 hours or less notice – no refund available.
  • Cancellation more than 72 hours – 7 days prior to hire start date -50% refund.
  • Cancellation more than 7 days prior to hire start date -100% refund.
  • Cancellation fee includes $10 non-refundable cancellation service fee.

Mobile Service

  • Some branches operate a mobile service, they have set delivery charges on set days – if you are able to fit within this time frame, then no additional charge applies.
  • Mobile Branches may charge a call-out fee if the item is required urgently, and not pre booked, or is outside the service area – always check with your operator.
  • Deliveries to hotels and commercial premises attracts a call-out fee, due to managing the logistics of having to pickup and deliver within certain time frames.
  • For Mobile Services for installation services, a call-out fee may apply if the seats do not meet Australian Standards or the child is not ready for the seat provided.

Delivery Fees / Call-out Fees

  • If equipment is required to be delivered by a non-mobile branch, then delivery fees apply.
  • Your quote will have these fees clearly stated.

Alternative brands and equipment

  • From time to time your particular brand item may not be available for your dates.
  • Branches will offer an alternative product at the time of booking.
  • Customers must check the quote for details once booked and paid.

Extension of Contracts

  • During your contract period you may extend your contract.
  • Extensions prices are based on the nominated website pricing for standard products.
    • Extension for 3 months is the same as a 3 month price.
    • Branchs can offer local discounts at their discretion.
  • Extensions are at the discretion of the branch owners, maybe subject to items already booked for future customers.
  • We always recommend that you hire for the longer period and return early, so we can apply the the Early Return refund.

Early Return

  • No refunds are available for early return of goods unless by mutual agreement with the franchise owner.
  • If goods are returned early, for a hire period of less than 1 month, no refund applies to rental.
  • If goods are hired for longer than 1 month, and goods are returned early, then the difference between the actual period and the hired period will be refunded. With the exception of goods that are hired for 6 months, goods can be returned at the 3 months period. After this time, 3 months to 6 months, no refund applies.

Early Return of Infant Carriers

  • No refunds are available for early return of goods unless by mutual agreement with the franchise owner.
  • If goods are returned early due to child outgrowing the infant capsule, the following rules apply:
    • Infant capsule will be replaced at no cost with a rear facing seat for the balance of the hire –  including free reinstallation of the rear facing restraint.
    • Customer can only request a refund if the hire is less than 3 months – the difference between the hire rate 1 month, 3 months vs 6 months hire rate will be refunded.

Appointment for Returns

  • Appointments are required when returning equipment.
  • Based on their order,
    • If equipment was picked up, they need to drop off the equipment at the same location.
    • If the equipment was delivered, an appointment time needs to be confirmed.
  • Late Fees apply to late returns or no shows to return appointments:
    • For hires over 1 month – reminder emails will be sent as a courtesy, if you do not contact us before this date your equipment will be automatically extended for the monthly hire rate and this will be a recurring payment until the equipment is returned.
    • For hires under 1 month, weekly extensions, $20 per item, will apply.
    • Pro-rata pricing does not apply.
    • Late fees are based on customers not making (or keeping) appointments for the return of their goods at the end date.

Installation of Hired Child Restraints

  • Our price for all child restraints includes the installation of the restraint.
  • If a gate clip is required, this is included in the restraint fitting price.
  • Additional parts may be required, including extension straps, in order to install the child restraint correctly. This varies according to the car and restraint.  
  • We highly recommend that child restraints are fitted by our trained staff, particularly for family members who are not accustomed to having restraints in their vehicles.
  • Customers can choose to not have a child restraint fitted but there is no discount on price of the hire (as our installation service is complimentary).

Restraint Fitters Training

  • All staff from Hire for Baby are fully trained to install car seats.
  • Only authorised personnel are permitted to fit car seats.
  • They must undergo ongoing professional development in this area, to remain certified.

Age and Condition of Equipment

  • All equipment will be in good working order and have not missing, or broken parts.
  • If you find that the equipment at time of pick up does not meet these requirements, you are entitled to refuse the item.
  • Once equipment has been picked up,  it is deemed as in good working order and satisfactory to your requirements.
  • All equipment is fully insured, but the customer must report any equipment that has been damaged. Branches will then arrange for the replacement of the item within an agreeable time.
  • Equipment delivered to customers, where the customer is not present, have 24 hours to report any damaged equipment prior to use – please take photos and email these to the branch.
  • All equipment is purchased new from retailers, or wholesalers, and is re-hired for a nominated period.

Any Car Accident (or Impact) Must Be Reported

  • Our priority is to replace the child restraint with another child restraint at no cost within 24 hours.
  • Our insurance requires that any car seat being involved in an impact or accident must be replaced and destroyed.
  • Customer must reimburse the branch for the child restraints (at replacement cost).
  • Branches will assist in the insurance process of reimbursement to the branch.

Hiring of Infant Carrier Adapters  

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they choose the correct infant carrier adapters.
  • We recommend that you present your pram at the time of hire of the adapters to ensure we can demonstrate correct use.
  • If adapters are damaged during the hire they will be required to be be replaced by the customer (at replacement cost).

Hiring of the Medela Breast Pump

  • A $200 bond applies, this will be charged to their credit card provided.
  • If the breast pump is not returned before the due date (by appointment) then the equipment will be automatically extended for the same hire period, until the equipment is returned.

Cleaning Procedures

  • All equipment is checked and cleaned after every hire.
  • We allow for normal wear and tear of equipment.
  • Excessively dirty equipment may incur additional fees if the normal process of cleaning equipment does not return the stock into hireable condition.
  • Operators will outline at time of delivery if they deem the equipment beyond normal use – photos will be supplied to all parties.
  • Our cleaning guidelines follow hospital cleaning guidelines for purposes of sanitation and infection control.
  • Cleaning guidelines are available online.

Installation Services

  • Before we are able to fit your own car seat we must ensure that it meets Australian Standards, see our checklist here.
  • All Restraint Fitters will demonstrate use of the product, including adjustments.
  • If a seat is more than 10 years, or not meeting the Australian Standards, we are unable to assist or install it.
  • Child Restraints are fitted in accordance to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • If a child does not meet the requirement of the seat, then we will refuse to fit the child seat you provide.
  • If another child restraint need to be moved in order to fit the booked child restraint, then removing the other restraint is not chargeable – but if that seat must be moved and re-installed then this will incur an additional fee – this will be outlined to customer beforehand.  
  • If the child restraint presented can not be fitted for any circumstance (cars and child restraints vary and sometimes depending on the combination do not fit the purpose or vehicle) then fitter will charge a fee for the the appointment time (which is $20).
  • Our Restraint fitters will always provide advice for your specific circumstances.
  • At the time of the appointment, customers sign that they are happy with the installation, any future adjustments will be considered a reinstallation of the car seat. It’s important to ask as many questions as possible if you feel the seat may need to be adjusted again during the hire period.

 Airport Delivery Service

    • As branches are not located at the airport, we charge a nominal delivery and pick up fee to and from the rental car companies, and we can only access rental cars at the discretion of the hire car companies.
    • Some rental car companies do not allow for third party rental companies to access their vehicles – please advise your rental car company that you have car seats from us, at the time of the booking, or follow up.
    • Please ensure that the details on the returned booking confirmation are accurate.
  • As we are dealing with a third party, (the rental car company), you must ensure any changes to your flight or car are communicated to the airport branch, within 24 hours of the change, so we can do our best to accommodate you. We are not responsible for miscommunication of changes by the rental car company. We are also not responsible for confirming your booking in advance with the rental car company.  Early departure, or changes to departure location, should also be communicated to the airport branch, preferably 24 hours in advance of the change.
  • Re-delivery fee: An additional $30 fee will be charged, if Hire for Baby staff is required to re-deliver equipment due to the information on the attached Booking Confirmation being incorrect or incomplete, or if changes to flight details are not advised in time.
  • Installation of Child Restraints: We will always attempt to install the car seat at the airport, but if the car is not available as per the booking time we cannot guarantee this. Without notification, airport (or rental) car staff may move seats from one car to another. We always endeavor to install our child restraints at the time of delivery. However if this is not possible due to the unavailability of your rental car at the pre-booked time, the restraint will be left for your collection with rental car staff, including installation instructions. It’s the responsibility of the driver or parent to check if the child restraint meets the child’s requirements, you may need to adjust the seat in terms of height of the straps, if required. As the child was not present at the time of installation, we are unable to guarantee that the strap heights are correct. We only base this on the information provided at time of booking.
  • Returns: Items can be left in the rental car or removed from your hire car and left in the rental office/booth for collection. Please be aware that you are liable for the loss/damage of items, if the loss/damage occurs as a result of mishandling by rental car staff (by removing the items from the vehicle in the interim). Any missing items from child restraints (such as top tether straps from infant carriers, head huggers, inserts etc) & other hire items will be charged to your card, without further notice, at replacement cost.
  • Type of Restraints: Airport branches do not guarantee a particular brand on the day of your hire, but we will provide a seat that is appropriate for the age and size of your child & a seat that has been safety checked, cleaned and sanitised prior to your hire. If your child is particularly small/tall for their age please let us know & you also have the option to email us a seated height measurement of your child. Professional fitting of all child restraints to your hire car prior to your arrival is a complementary service. For an ideal fitting child restraint, you can choose to send (email us) your child’s seated height, from bottom to shoulder, as well as age and weight.
  • Different Multiple Airport Use: If picking up car at one airport and dropping off another airport, surcharges apply to cover the return of the stock to the original branch.
  • Delivery and Installation: We deliver between 8am – 5pm daily to customers renting a car at the airport. Standard delivery charges apply. A surcharge will apply for bookings that fall outside of our delivery times and we cannot guarantee installation. It may be that we drop off the items without installation. To guarantee installation, you can request that your car be booked during business hours, so that it is available to us during our delivery times.

These Frequently Asked Questions are based on questions relating to the hire and have been designed to clarify components of the contractual obligations of the Terms and Conditions of the contract that the customer agrees to adhere too.  This includes all email confirmation rules and directions.  

Please be advised that, in the absence of a signature, an email confirming an agreement to be supplied with equipment from Hire for Baby will be deemed to be a contract, and will be subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE HIRING OF EQUIPMENT, available for viewing at