First Steps Program

First Steps Program


Have you considered the savings that can be made by hiring your child’s car restraints as opposed to buying?  As a mother of two, I know that we are all carefully watching our budgets.  Setting up a nursery and preparing for baby’s arrival is an expensive exercise.  However, by hiring as opposed to buying their car restraints there are substantial savings to be made.


Let’s look at the first twelve months of your little ones requirements.  For the 0-6 month old your child is required by Australian law to be reverse facing in the car.  Most mums choose a capsule for the first six months of their baby’s life because they do not have to disturb the baby while they are out and about and many models can be paired with a stroller to make a complete travel system.   Once your child is 6 months, or grown out of the capsule, they can be moved to a forward facing restraint with an internal harness.


At 4 years of age your child can now be moved to a booster seat, which they will require until they are seven years of age.  On top of the purchasing of the three restraints you will also be paying a professional restraint fitter to install each car seat and once forward facing to make adjustments to the harness as your child grows.  You will probably need to make 5 – 6 visits in total to the local restraint fitter.

It all adds up over the time your child will need a car restraint.


By using Hire for Baby’s First Steps Program you will save.  Twelve months hire, which includes a capsule and a convertible child restraint, will cover all your child’s needs at a fraction of the cost to buy these restraints.  This program starts from $198 depending on the model of capsule that you choose and includes the installation of the restraints and any adjustments required during the hire period.  It also means that as soon as baby grows out of the capsule you can start using the car seat or if your baby is smaller you can continue using the capsule until they are ready. It’s flexible to the needs of your bub.


After the initial twelve months of hiring you can arrange with your local branch to utilise our Hire to Buy program.  This program allows you to hire a convertible booster seat for six months and then to purchase it out right at the end of the hire period.  This program offers you the flexibility of paying for the restraint over a six months period.


These seats will take your child from approximately one year of age right through until they are seven.  Purchasing one restraint – a convertible booster seat.


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