How to choose a breast pump

With such a wide range on the market, deciding which breast pump to choose can be daunting. Don’t worry – whether you express occasionally or every day, our guide on how to pick a breast pump will help you find one that’s right for you and your baby.

When you’re pregnant picking a breast pump might not be on top of your to-do list. And that’s perfectly fine, as Nania Schärer-Hernández, Director of the Global Education Department at Medela, explains: “While you’ll probably buy a lot of baby equipment and accessories before your baby’s birth, when it comes to choosing a breast pump it can pay to wait a bit.

“Of course, being prepared is important and it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with different breast pumps in advance – but it’s only once your baby is here and you know what your breastfeeding situation is that you’ll really know your requirements.”
Every mum and baby has different needs, and these needs can change along the course of your breastfeeding and expressing journey. So let’s start by taking a look at the range of breast pumps on offer, and then delve deeper into which pump suits which situation.

Which type of breast pump should I choose?

As far as breast pump technology is concerned, you have three main choices. Understanding these will help you when you’re deciding what you want from a breast pump.

A manual or electric pump?
Manual breast pumps are cheaper than electric models, quiet and handy for occasional expressing. But they can be hard work if used frequently, as you have to keep pumping the handle to create the vacuum. Electric breast pumps are easier and more convenient to use, as the motor does the pumping for you.2-Phase Expression technology mimics a baby’s natural sucking behaviour. “At the start of each breastfeed, your baby uses short, fast sucks to stimulate your let-down reflex. Once the milk begins to flow, he changes to slower, stronger sucking that takes in as much milk as possible,” Nania explains. “Medela developed 2-Phase Expression technology to replicate this feeding pattern and create an effective and more natural way to express.”Conveniently, all Medela electric breast pumps can also be battery operated, either with a rechargeable battery pack or standard AA batteries.

A single or double breast pump?
A single electric breast pump is ideal for expressing from time to time. A double breast pump (which draws milk from both your breasts simultaneously) is more convenient for expressing regularly – whether for medical reasons or because you’ve returned to work.As well as halving the amount of time you spend expressing, a double breast pump delivers 18% more milk on average than pumping from each breast in turn. This makes it a great choice for busy mums. And the milk you obtain when double pumping has a higher fat and calorie content too. 4

Why to rent a Medela Symphony hospital-grade breast pump?
If you’re expressing frequently each day or relying on a breast pump to initiate and build your milk supply, keep in mind that Medela’s Symphony hospital-grade breast pump can be rented for however long you need it. Symphony has unique research-based suction patterns that have been clinically tested to initiate, build and maintain milk production and it’s especially advisable to use this if you’re pumping in the first five days after your baby’s birth. Find your nearest branch to hire now.

Article source from: medela

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