Is the equipment sanitized?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition.
We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer.
We have strict quality control on the age and condition of our equipment. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Is the equipment new?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition.
We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer.
Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Hire for Baby is proud to say that we do hold public liability insurance for the hire of baby equipment and the installation of child car restraints.
Due to the nature of our business, i.e. hiring baby equipment/installing car restraints, it is very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain liability coverage.
However, due to the fact that we are the largest baby equipment hire service in the country, we were able to obtain this coverage.
You should ask about this before hiring from any baby equipment company; most policies do not cover the hire of baby equipment.

Will you install car seats?

The majority of our branches are able to offer free installation of hired child car restraints at Hire for Baby premises.
Our managers are trained to provide the safest & most appropriate child restraint & installation as we believe that your child’s safety is of paramount importance.
We also provide anchor fittings and/or extension straps as required – all at no extra cost.
We also fit your own child restraints and assist in solving problems/issues relating to postioning of children relative to age and types of restraints on the market.

What is the law regarding child restraints?

Recent law changes across a majority of states requires that children under 6 months must be rear facing, children from 6 months to 4 years must be in either a rear facing or forward facing child restraint that has an inbuilt harness, children over 4 and under 7 must in an approved restraint.
Child restraints must be suitable for the child’s size and weight and properly fitted and adjusted.
To find out more about specific state requirements we ask that you visit the state rta website for further information.
All franchises are trained to understand the new laws and how they apply to you.

Can we use child restraints from overseas?

By law every child restraint sold in Australia must meet strict requirements, which are set out in Australian Standard AS/NZ1754.
This covers materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling of child restraints.
All restraints must carry the Australian Standard AS/NZ1754 sticker. Most overseas child restraints, including restraints from countries such as the UK and USA, do not comply with these Standards and cannot legally be used in Australia.

What our customers are saying

Just used this service for our stay on the South Coast. Fantastic service from Marylou ,equipment in great order and delivered and picked up from our accommodation. So easy, would highly recommend!
Hired a baby capsule for my now 4 month old daughter. Was very professional and learnt a lot about car seat safety.Installed all 3 of my kids seats and so much cheaper than buying a capsule outright. Highly recommend!!
Carolyne is fantastic. I've used her many times. Very knowledgeable and fantastic prices. Can't fault her service, our whole family use her now !
After dealing with one or two other baby hire places, they made me feel as though it would be impossible to get what I needed and that I was booking too late (I called one 3 months before). However, when I called Lisa today, she was extremely helpful and has exactly what I need and can install next week - even with late notice. I am more than happy to do the 1.5 hr drive to see you guys after that phone call. Thank you!:)
After being told by another fitter that three car seats could not be fitted across the back of my Partners car, I came to Charlie who came highly recommended through several people and he worked his magic and got them to fit. His installs were perfectly tight, he was very knowledgeable and great at sharing his knowledge, hints and tips to keep our children safe in the car and was just a lovely and passionate guy. I can't recommend him enough, I am very strict when it comes to car seat safety and he put my mind at ease from the very beginning.
Massive thank you for your exceptional service. The capsule we hired was fantastic and I will definitely be recommending your services. Thank you very much for also installing our new car seat that I purchased. Very appreciated.

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