Coming Home




I am 26 weeks pregnant, in the back of an ambulance and I know my baby is going to born much sooner than they should. The fear and panic is paralysing and my mind is getting the best of me. Wanna know what thought finally started the sobbing? The realisation that I had next to nothing ready for my beautiful sweet baby. The last 3 months of pregnancy was when I planned to finally give myself to permission to get excited, shop and nest. I had not wanted to do it any earlier because of the fear of my belly just being too good to be true. My chance of making all things perfect for my baby was gone.


Fast forward 9 weeks… The Paediatricians have quietly given us the nod that we may be able to bring home our healthy but tiny boy next week. You see, when you have a premmie ETA for discharge is the last thing a Doctor will ever commit to.  For 63 days we have lived every waking moment in the hospital. So still nothing is organised and my idea of perfect had changed for ever – after all, I am now a Mum.


Something you might not know, having premmie is expensive!!  What you pay in hospital parking alone could buy you a fleet of Bugaboos. So after all Liam had battled through to survive in this world, my husband gave me the cold fact that I had a BUDGET to work with to get him all that he needed for home. We tentatively headed to a giant baby store on a Saturday, as you could imagine it was an epic failure. We were way too raw to be in the midst of perfect pregnancy/baby land.  I didn’t last long in there.


Getting back to basics, we needed a car capsule – number 1.  Google capsule hire Inverloch. Hello Hire for Baby, have you just answered my prayers?  Is it really that easy?  One phone call later and I am relieved and actually excited we have everything ready for Liam’s homecoming.  I am now an organised Mum who is going to make life calm, safe and easy for my baby the best I can.




My reasons why Hire For Baby is a good fit for Premmie Family


Even though the idea that your premmie is going to grow too big for something seems like it is an absurd thought it is a truth, a Car Capsule with the premmie head support is available to fit all budgets. This is a must as most hospital will not let you leave the special care nursery without using a capsule.


Before having Liam I swore that our baby would never sleep in our room.  Well two things Hire for Baby provided that were essential to my whole house having a good sleep.   One – the beautiful bassinet that fit perfectly in our room and two – the breathing monitor that gave me the extra peace of mind I needed after many times witnessing my baby stop breathing while in the NICU.  These things would have been out of my reach because of price had I not hired. But for a quarter of the retail price I had peace of mind.


The Medela Symphony was only available to hire in my area by the local Hire For Baby branch,  because honestly that is the only local business who cares about breast feeding Mums having the absolute best breast pump to use to save their supply.


Last but not least when you are dealing with Hire For Baby you can be sure that you are dealing with someone who has the up most sensitivity and respect for what you and your family have been/going through. The notion of treating your customer like an old friend seems comes easy to these operators as the bottom line is they are Mums first and foremost.   Many of which have walked a similar journey as you.


Roughly two years on from that fateful ride in the ambulance, I myself am out delivering a car capsule to a family who are close to bringing home their very own premmie twins. When I got back to my car I was moved to tears.  These tears were made from relief and joy because I now know is that so many of stories of babies born to early have happy endings.


Saturday November 17th is World Prematurity Day.   Please join Hire For Baby in honouring these amazing babies, parents and the medical community who are fighting for life every day, with the hope that all babies get to come home.