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Welcome to Hire for Baby

The complete baby equipment hire service.

Let Hire for Baby help you with all your baby equipment hire needs for a day, a week or a few months with our friendly, professional service. Here at Hire for Baby, we offer a high quality baby equipment rental service at great prices. We stock a wide range of products from car capsules and car seats to breast pumps and portacots.

You and your baby deserve the best, so hire baby equipment from one of our 75 branches all around Australia, from Perth to Darwin to Adelaide and with baby equipment branches located all along the East Coast in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. All of our baby equipment for hire is purchased brand new, carefully cleaned & safety checked to ensure it is in the best possible condition for your use.

Why buy when you can hire your baby equipment needs instead?

For your fast growing baby, buying expensive equipments like rockers and swings may not make sense. What your baby uses now might not be of any use after a couple months.  We at Hire for Baby provide an extensive range of cost effective, hygienic and completely safe to use Baby equipments from capsules, strollers to prams and portacorts.

Our restraint fitters who are trained, provide complimentary fitting of hired baby capsules and car seats when you collect so that you can rest assured of your baby’s safety. Save your time, money and storage space by hiring for home – capsulesbassinettes, hammocksstrollers, swings,entertainers and much more. We also stock baby twin prams and baby twin strollers.

For holidays, reduce stress, excess baggage fees (and potential damage to your baby equipment in transit) by having pramsportacots and car seats waiting for your arrival. Prices vary according to the item & length of hire so email us or ring your nearest branch today for a quote – hiring makes sense!

To know more about our services we provide, call usemail us or visit our nearest store.

Our History

Hire for Baby was originally established as Hire for Babe in NSW in 1988, with the first franchise granted in 1992.

Over 24 plus years it has grown into a nationally recognised network of over 78 franchises – Australia’s largest baby equipment hire organisation, and one of the largest restraint fitting networks in Australia.

The aim for Hire for Baby to strengthen, develop and expand the brand throughout Australia, whilst maintaining a strong focus on the needs of both its customers and corporate relationships. We are one of few companies investing in regional cities by establishing services back into communities

Hire for Baby – Mission Statement

‘The needs of our clients come first’.

Hire for Baby strives to:

1. Provide prompt, caring customer service.

2. Provide safe, clean equipment in good working order.

3. Provide a valuable service at a competitive price.

4. Keep up to date with all aspects of equipment and car safety.

5. Make it easy for our clients to do business with us.

Why buy when you can hire instead?

Hire for Baby saves your money, time & storage space by offering a cost effective way to access safe, clean, quality baby equipment. We pride ourselves on our professional customer service and friendly, experienced staff.

Let Hire for Baby help you, your family and friends – because you and your baby deserve the best!


Frequently Asked Questions about our services

Is the equipment sanitized?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer. We have strict quality control on the age and condition of our equipment. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Is the equipment new?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Hire for Baby is proud to say that we do hold public liability insurance for the hire of baby equipment and the installation of child car restraints. Due to the nature of our business, i.e. hiring baby equipment/installing car restraints, it is very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain liability coverage. However, due to the fact that we are the largest baby equipment hire service in the country, we were able to obtain this coverage. You should ask about this before hiring from any baby equipment company; most policies do not cover the hire of baby equipment.

Will you install car seats?

The majority of our branches are able to offer free installation of hired child car restraints at Hire for Baby premises. Our managers are trained to provide the safest & most appropriate child restraint & installation as we believe that your child’s safety is of paramount importance. We also provide anchor fittings and/or extension straps as required – all at no extra cost. We also fit your own child restraints and assist in solving problems/issues relating to postioning of children relative to age and types of restraints on the market.

What is the law regarding child restraints?

Recent law changes across a majority of states requires that children under 6 months must be rear facing, children from 6 months to 4 years must be in either a rear facing or forward facing child restraint that has an inbuilt harness, children over 4 and under 7 must in an approved restraint. Child restraints must be suitable for the child’s size and weight and properly fitted and adjusted. To find out more about specific state requirements we ask that you visit the state rta website for further information. All franchises are trained to understand the new laws and how they apply to you.

Can we use child restraints from overseas?

By law every child restraint sold in Australia must meet strict requirements, which are set out in Australian Standard AS/NZ1754. This covers materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling of child restraints. All restraints must carry the Australian Standard AS/NZ1754 sticker. Most overseas child restraints, including restraints from countries such as the UK and USA, do not comply with these Standards and cannot legally be used in Australia.